Meet the pioneers of Onno & Partners

Onno & Partners consists of a close team of specialists. Together they have over sixty years of experience in paper and paper purchasing, various printing techniques and processes, logistics, distribution and procurement.

Our customers include national and international retailers, publishers and brand producers.

Pioneering mentality

Onno & Partners has a partnership with the top of the European web offset and gravure printing companies. Put together, these printing companies ensure that we can meet almost any specification.

“No” and “not possible” are answers that you are unlikely to hear from us.

We distinguish ourselves through our pioneering mentality, our detailed knowledge of the market, our large European network of printers and paper suppliers and through our software application ctrl-Print; a unique tool for smart print sourcing.

Our passion for satisfied customers is something that drives us every day!

Our network

The pioneers of Onno & Partners are veterans of the graphic profession. With a mountain of experience and a true pioneering mentality, we are your eyes and ears in the market.

We regularly visit our partner suppliers and regularly visit new parties. If investments are made, we become quickly aware of the ins-and-outs and process the data in our system (ctrl-Print).

At the moment, we regularly work with over 20 printing companies (in offset rotation and gravure printing). For the production of small quantities, we also work together with smaller printers and mailing houses.


Onno & Partners has developed unique sourcing software: ctrl-Print

The basis of this system is formed by the knowledge and experience that we have built up over the many years in the field of marketing, paper and printing. With this system, we offer you instant offers for a huge variety of products. We take into account location, inline or offline finishing. In addition to a detailed overview of all presses in Europe and detailed press specifications, we also have real-time insight into all available paper types with the associated characteristics such as opacity, thickness, gloss, gram weights and the location of the paper mill. A quick cost analysis on alternative paper or format is therefore a piece of cake for us. More than 75 printing companies in Europe are already using our system!

The advantage for the printing companies is that they only receive suitable / appropriate applications. ctrl-Print helps us to find the right partner(s) for each specification. Fast, efficient and user-friendly.

"Only by being relevant, we can offer added value"

Onno Thijsen: Founder and Director Onno & Partners

In addition, we combine professional knowledge with creative and innovative solutions to help our customers save costs smartly, improve quality and fully relieve them of any burden.

Onno & Partners not only stands for realising the best deals, but also attaches great importance to maintaining good relationships with partners / suppliers, customers and all stakeholders. For us, a relationship is not only business, but also something personal.