Printing letterbox advertising

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Printing letterbox advertising

Do you want to print letterbox advertising? Marketers often discover that only the internet as a communication channel is not enough. Everything via the internet is fast and cheap, but is it always effective? Overflowing email inboxes, smarter spam filters and fraudulent spammers ensure a decreasing response. This, of course, offers opportunities for classic letterbox advertising.

Letterbox advertising still offers a large reach of more than 12 million readers. This makes the classic door-to-door leaflet still a powerful medium. Compared to other media, this is a very high range. Do you also want to print letterbox advertising? At Onno & Partners you are at the right place for various types of printed matter. Do not hesitate to contact us or request a quote!

Printing letterbox advertising at Onno & Partners

Since letterbox advertising is still important, it is important to attract the attention of the consumer. Many retailers opt for similar formats and paper types. This has made the image of an average leaflet less distinctive in recent years. Although the leaflet message (content) and design are a very important aspect when it comes to attracting the attention of the consumer, technical implementation is also very important. Due to size and paper choices, it is possible to quickly stand out to the consumer. Onno & Partners is happy to think along with you about how we can improve the traffic to your store by communicating in a distinctive way through the letterbox channel. Would you rather like to print leaflets or print brochures? Onno & Partners can also support you with this. We offer various printing techniques  and would like to help you find the right type for you.

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