Paper advice, purchase and follow-up care

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Paper accounts for the largest cost in most projects. For that reason, a thorough knowledge of paper is an important requirement.

We advise you on the right paper, with the right look and feel, fully in line with your brand and work and the expectations of the consumer. Whether you are a discounter or have a luxury department store, we offer a wide range of options. In addition, we always strive for an optimum ratio between price and quality.


Partly due to our close cooperation with various globally operating paper merchants, we have the purchasing power needed to distinguish ourselves from other players on the market.

These paper merchants are solid global players with billions in turnover; a sure sign of purchasing power…

If necessary, we can use this purchasing power to achieve the best paper deal for you. And thanks to these partnerships, we have the right and necessary networks. We have everything needed to always offer the best deals.

Care and follow-up care

We always monitor and control the entire order and production process. In detail and until the last brochure is delivered. We can provide you with current information about the status of your order or about your paper supply at any time.