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Printing catalogues

Do you want to print catalogues? Catalogues have a storage function and must therefore have a longer lifespan. Catalogues are thus often perfect glued-bonded or sewn-glued.

There are three different binding techniques:
Hot melt is a thermoplastic material that is applied in a hot and liquid state to the sheets of paper (quires) and which firmly connects the materials together during cooling.

PUR is reactive adhesive that is only solid when the adhesive forms a net with moisture in the air. Just like with the HotMelt adhesive binding, the adhesive is applied hot on the paper, but at a lower temperature. This makes processing with PUR in comparison with HotMelt more friendly, because paper and ink are protected. Another advantage of the PUR adhesive binding is the adhesive strength. We recommend the PUR adhesive binding especially when you have catalogues printed on heavier paper.

Sewn-glued is the most durable of all binding techniques. While with HotMelt and PUR individual pages are glued together, here the uncut sheets of paper (quires) are sewn together by machine with a sewn binding. Accordingly, when used intensively, sewn-glued catalogues usually have an even longer lifespan than catalogues with an adhesive binding. What also distinguishes sewn-glued printed catalogues is the ability to open pages all the way. If you have catalogues printed and have them sewn together, they will have a very high-quality appearance.

Printing catalogues at Onno & Partners

When we print catalogues, we choose a specific printing technique depending on the format and print run. Small runs in luxury catalogues are usually executed in sheet offset. Higher runs become interesting in rotation offset and for large sizes in high runs, gravure printing can also be an advantageous option. For complex productions, we often choose printing companies that have everything under one roof: printing of the interior, printing of the cover and the finishing. Combinations of printing companies can at times also offer a solution.

Onno & Partners coordinates the entire process so that you do not have to worry about communication between parties.

Top quality catalogues

Having catalogues printed at Onno & Partners means having high-quality catalogues for every assignment. Do you want the absolute top in luxury catalogues; we know the way in the world of paper and printing to deliver a distinctive catalogue. Starting with a piece of prepress guidance up to and including the finishing and packaging, we ensure a top-quality product! Are you looking for a different kind of printed matter? We can of course also print flyersprint letterbox advertising or print brochures and magazines. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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